Dan Con Welcomes. . . Craig Partin

Craig Partin is the of the acclaimed Man of God comic series. 

Dan Con Welcomes. . . Peter G

Peter G is a card­carrying Renaissance man. When he's not working his office job, he is either making his own computer games or creating stories. A comic book fan since the black and white boom, Peter G's first officially published credit came in the Morbid Myths 2007 Halloween Special. Since then, his comic output has included dark superheroes (The Supremacy), an online comic strip about the office environment (Stress Puppy), an existential fantasy series (Head Above Water), his first all­ages comic about a little girl who becomes friends with a mermaid (Sound Waves), a slapstick cartoony series (Red Riding Hood), and, of course, his first collection of Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate stories in the imaginatively titled “Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate”. He lives in Illinois where he spends most of his time complaining about politics and watching movies.
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