Dan Con Welcomes. . . RC Comics

RC Comics: Offering comics from the 40s until today, RC Comics has a wide and varied group of comics for sale. That means you can find both the hot new book right along side collectable comics from the Gold, Silver, and Bronze ages to dollar books that will help you fill a hole in your collection. "We have everything you're looking for" is our motto (even if it is a bit of a stretch).

Dan Con Welcomes. . . John Metych

John Metych is the mastermind behind the independent series Sniper and Rook and is Editor and Publisher at Beta 3 Comics.  Stop by his table and pick up the first two issues of the series for only ONE DOLLAR EACH! Come back to complete your run of Sniper and Rook! Autographs are FREE and conversation with a local legend who has been publishing since the 1990's is AWESOME.  If you enjoy anything in the action/adventure/ spy realm from comic's Danger Girl to the cinema's Mission Impossible, James Bond, to TV's Burn Notice, Alias, Chuck, or The Americans, you should DEFINITELY check out Sniper and Rook!!
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