Dan Con Welcomes. . . Kimberly Moseberry

Born and raised in Chicago. I am a freelance artist for different comic like Xigency studios, Urban Comic and  a few other. I have a degree in media art and animation. I am currently work on issue two of my enigma comic and issue 5 of AWF.

Dan Con Welcomes. . . Jon Michael Lennon

Jon Michael Lennon is an artist, writer and self-publisher operated out of Chicago's western suburbs. He studied classical illustration at The American Academy of Art but then kind of forgot all that and went back to doodling naked cartoon ladies. Anyway, Lennon's work has been featured in Starburst Magazine     and various small press publishers including his own imprint CheeseLord Comics. Presently Lennon is working on a new genre bending graphic novel called THE REVELATION OF CLIVE THE CLOWN due out in the summer of 2015.
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