Dan Con Welcomes. . . Jacob Halton

Jacob Halton is an angry-yet-classy scribbler of lines and writer of words in balloons. When he's not fuming mad and breaking number 2 pencils, by pressing them too hard into the page while gripping them tightly in his white-knuckled fists to draw comics, he works as an interactive designer in an advertising agency, because he's quite good at being a human punching bag.

When he's not making comics, designing, or sticking pins in voodoo dolls of people he meets at conventions that don't buy his stuff (Yea….that's where you got that cramp from…), he'll be in the club, jumping around to techno music. UNCH UNCH UNCH UNCH.

Check out his work at http://jacobhalton.com and follow him on Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter: @jacobhalton

Dan Con Welcomes. . . Andy “Shaggy” Korty

Andy “Shaggy” Korty was born one dark and stormy night – well, really is was a bright and sunny afternoon, but that's less creepy.  Andy learned to read because of comic books and comic strips so they are VERY important to him.  He was a co-creator for “Fred & Jesse” and “For Real”, worked on “Lafayette: Our Cancer Year”, “Cemetery Plots”, and Cynical Stew, and is the creator of “The Manor”.  Andy welcomes you to his table to check our the comedic adventures of the haunted house he lives in.
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